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The Company was founded in 2017, but the owner, Christos Kota, has more than 20 years of construction experience. He has great depth of experience related to construction of projects involving facilities for the Residential, Industrial and Commercial sectors. Quality, safety and commitment to our clients are our mission. We recognize communication is essential for each and every project, which is why we are 100% committed to customer service and customer satisfaction. We work as a cohesive team with architects, engineers, contractors and the owner while effectively communicating throughout every phase of the construction project. We meet our client’s needs by providing superior service, commitment to technical excellence and by completing construction on time and high quality products. We strive to be the best in our field by focusing on competency, responsiveness, budget and schedule. Our pledge is complete client satisfaction and a constructive contribution to our community through our work and accomplishments.


To be the leading construction company in our chosen markets, sought after by potential clients and employees for our track record in reliable execution, cost effectiveness, and world class technical sophistication.


We are committed to differentiating ourselves by continuously offering the highest level of quality, safety and cost effectiveness. Our success comes from our people, who strive to continuously innovate and adapt to local markets. Through this strategy, Christos Kota Constructions Ltd will continue to grow and increase profitability.


We can undertake the design, construction, decoration and renovation of all kinds of building projects (residential, apartment buildings, shops). In collaboration with outstanding architects and our expertise you can rest that we can build anything!


Get the best in architecture and design Designing a home, shop etc should be a project that will give you years of fulfillment when your dream is realized. Your part of the design is knowing what you want. Our part is helping you make your design goals work, and steering you around design traps.


Building confidence based on a foundation of trust At the end of the day, it’s all about confidence and trust, listening more and talking less and delivering successful, high-quality, on-time, on-schedule, safe projects that will pay dividends far into the future.


From a DIY project to a major renovation makeover In addition to our large, ground up projects, we accommodate small to modest sized projects for our customers. Whether it’s a simple paint or a full interior renovation, we will bring the same quality and experience to our smaller projects as we do to our larger projects.



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